wholesome, Unconventional Caregiving for complete body, mind and spirit healing

  • An Emotional Support System

    • Someone to talk to, share ideas, troubles, or thoughts with 

    • Someone to provide firm and kind motivation

    • A non judgmental friend

    • Not feeling like a burden

    • Companionship 

      • It can often feel lonely going through life's trials and tribulations. Too often,  we don't have the support we need. Not everyone is blessed with a massive support system that is sometimes helpful for getting through our darkest days. Naturally, this kind of support does lend itself into a Caregiving environment to an extent. What I am talking about here, is the ability to reach out whenever the need calls, to relieve you of the feeling of being a burden to your friends and family and to offer you opportunities to live life to your fullest.  This can include...

      • Outings (a drive, beach, picnic, lunch, movie partner etc.)

      • Counseling

      • Help getting dressed up or putting on make up (for us girls sometimes its all it takes to help out mood)

      • Hair brushing, washing, dying, cutting

      • Nail painting

      • Texting, calling,  venting

      • So so much more

  • A Physical Support System

    • Firm and kind motivation and encouragement to keep moving

    • Someone to walk, hike, workout, yoga with

    • Someone to assist in building and achieving health and fitness goals that work for you and your limitations

    • Help with cleaning

    • Transportation

    • Petcare

    • Meal prep
    • Hair washing, drying, dying, trimming
    • Cosmetic needs tended to
    • Clean bedding 
      • Again, many of the physical aspects already fall into the caregiving category. Physically assisting one to get up, get to the bathroom, or into the shower etc. Often these efforts while vitally important, are a basic need to living but not a perpetuating goal towards healing and improving on a daily basis.

  • Healing

    • Food as medicine

    • Essential oils

    • Magnesium

    • Reiki

    • Massage

    • Reflexology

    • Exercise

    • Additional Support

    • Talking

    • Sharing

    • Not feeling like a burden

    • Spiritual
      • One of my absolute favorite forms of healing within myself, is drawing a nice warm bath with some peaceful music, Epsom salt, an all natural bath bomb, and some bubbles. When I get out I use some of my favorite oils to hydrate my skin, use magnesium oil on any sore muscles,  I take the time to really deep clean my teeth, tone and oil my face, pluck my brows, paint my toes, and use some foot cream.  By then end of this I feel wonderful! Sometimes if its taken all my energy, I wrap my hair up and wrap up in my robe and just go sit peacefully until I am ready to get dressed. As the saying goes, "you cannot pour from an empty cup." Finding the time to do this for myself and not feel guilty about it has been one of my challenges, now I challenge you to do the same.

      • It has been my experience that healing is most efficient when you are able to address as many physical and emotional needs as possible. Its not to say that conventional medications and therapy are not helpful. Simply that, by adding onto conventional treatments, with great food, exercise, support and additional therapy's, healing can be expedited and more complete.

  • Spiritual

    • No judgment

    • Energy (its everywhere)

    • Reiki

    • Smudging

    • Meditation

    • Yoga

    • Mindfulness

      • Whatever your Religious beliefs are, these practices can be an amazing compliment into your spiritual journey.
      • Reiki is not a religion, its a practice of sending energy into the body to assist in healing. Reiki energy goes where it is needed. It can assist in death, healing of mind, body and spirit, opening chakras, and more. There is no negative side effects to having Reiki treatments. A simple google search will tell you so much about this amazing practice. Reiki is absolutely for everyone, even if you're not experiencing pain or illness Reiki can be incredibly helpful and a powerful tool and beautiful addition into life. It has been shown that the power of touch and thought/prayer alone, can aid in healing.

      • Showing gratitude everyday can actually train your brain to feel happier. Clearing negative energy out of a space can be helpful in breathing in new positive thoughts. Meditation is calming, relaxing and so much more. Yoga is not just movement, it's the practice of meditation, being in the moment and being mindful as well. Movement, however, does get the endorphins in the brain going and also aids in a state of well-being.


Alicia O'Malley


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