A healer does not heal you. A healer is someone who holds space for you while you awaken your inner healer, so that you may heal yourself.

-Maryam Hasnaa

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My name is Alicia, I am a caregiver. Recently I have taken a journey with my own health that has opened my eyes to an idea that I believe will be a nice compliment to traditional caregiving and medical practices.


For decades I have been fighting chronic illness.  I have been to doctor after doctor seeking answers. During this time I have had feelings of bewilderment, loneliness, rejection, frustration and more. 

I have had periods where I have needed physical assistance, have cried from pain and frustration, was too sick to get off the couch or out of bed and simply where I thought times couldn't be any darker.

In my efforts to get back on my feet, I have come to realize there would be some very complimentary, alternative healing modalities to traditional medicine.


While I am referring to some holistic health techniques, such as Reiki. I also am referring to helping heal ones whole self, by being the light in the darkness, the friend in the loneliness, the brace in the times when you cannot stand alone, the encourager when you're bewildered, the shoulder to cry on, or simply the person to sit with you in the silence.

I am talking about being the person you can reach out to if you cant get to the dishes, aren't able to draw yourself a bath, need someone to talk to, need someone to walk with, need errands run, need a massage, need someone to discus dietary and exercise goals with, some extra support beyond the traditional scope of healing. 


The friend, the healer, the helper,  the caregiver. I'm talking about healing the body, spirit, and soul through encouragement, support and love.


Please take a look at my services to better understand what I am offering.


As a caregiver I charge upwards of $20 an hour. (This can be seen on my website aliciaomalley.wixsite.com/caregiving) I am happy to blend any of these services with caregiving.


The pricing for these additional healing services with be charged accordingly, fairly and at cost, never inflated because it is important to me that it is affordable for everyone. 

You can utilize and consecutively schedule as many of these services as you would like together in a day, throughout the week or month. My minimum requirement is one hour of pay - $20, beyond that you will be charged by the hour for however long you need me. The exceptions to this are the Reiki sessions and items for sale.


As a client of mine, you are given my personal cell phone number and an invitation text me anytime, for any reason and I'm always willing to know how I can better assist you. 

Note: Tips are never, ever required but always graciously appreciated.


How I Can

Help You

This is a requirement. We are going to take this time to talk about you, and what you need, what your goals are, medical conditions, and what all I can do to help you. We...
New Client Intake and Setup
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Alicia O'Malley


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