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Caley S.

Hired Alicia

Alicia is great! She is sweet and loving with the kids and has great experience. But most of all safety is her main concern. She is professional and thorough with getting information on parents and kids.

Cherie K.

Hired Alicia

Alicia is an exceptional person and a trusted caregiver to my adult son, who has some significant challenges and disabilities. She is timely, supportive and engages with him from the heart. I have also hired her to watch my four year old and take her to appointments when I am unable to. Both of my children adore her and enjoy spending time with her boys as well. Alicia is both a treasure and a blessing to my family!!!!

Gary H.

Hired Alicia

Alicia really was fantastic. Our son is almost 2 and does NOT do well with strangers, but we desperately wanted to ski for the day so decided to take the chance that he would be okay. Alicia was really engaging and very professional. She comes prepared with questions and notes to make sure she gets everything! She also sent us pictures throughout the day so we saw he was sleeping, eating, having fun, etc. We can't wait to hire her again.

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